Chandon has been crafting superb sparkling wines with a unique personality since its founding in 1959 in Argentina. In 60 years of excellence, the Maison’s pioneering spirit has taken it all over the globe, giving birth to a domain on which the sun never sets. Sophisticated and authentic, simple and intriguing, Chandon Garden Spritz takes an exceptional Chandon brut sparkling wine and adds a delectable liqueur with a secret recipe, created by the Maison’s winemakers from natural extracts of orange peels, herbs and spices, with no artificial flavours or colours. A unique alcoholic beverage that redefines the spritz experience.

This sun-drenched elixir reveals its unique freshness poured over a few ice cubes, a sliver of dried orange and a sprig of rosemary. A homemade Spritz recipe, ready to serve, ready to share ideally drenched over ice with a slice of dried orange and a sprig of rosemary.

Creation date: 1959
Chef de Cave: Benoît Gouez
Address: Avenue de Champagne,
51200 Epernay, France